Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Privatized Prison Transports: Another Bad Idea By Libertarians

The Libertarian view point erroneously supports privatization. The disaster of the prison transport business highlights this error.

Private transport companies are transporting prisoners across country while drivers only get two days training, are paid low salaries and prisoners are not allowed bathroom breaks.

Prisoners are dying in transport vans.

Innocent people are being arrested and transported in horrendous conditions.

People with minor infractions are being placed into vans with harden criminals.

Women are being sexually assaulted.

Prisoners are being denied medical care.

While the owners of the transport services are making big bucks, the drivers are not.

The prisoners being transported are being treated like animals.

Some of them, have not even been to trial yet.

Some of them, did not even know that a warrant was out for their arrest.

Just because someone has an infraction or conviction, it does not mean they should be treated less than human. 

Privatization does not work. It victimizes workers and provides substandard service. We need professional law enforcement officers to manage these transports.

This is another reason why everyone needs a legal expense plan to help defend themselves and an ID Theft expense plan to know when and if a warrant is issued for you via alerts.

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