Legal Expense Plans

Sales of these plans help us fund our justice campaigns. 
Help us while you help yourself.

It is not an issue of if you will need an attorney, but, when.

What would you do if CPS came for your kids at 2 A.M. or you got arrested at 3 A.M. ...or...perhaps you LOOK like a bank robber that had been operating in the vacinity. 

You can call an attorney for emergencies after hours and call them collect if you are in jail and cannot make a toll free call!

What would you do if you ran over a child in your neighborhood and were charged with vehicular manslaughter? 

What if you were traveling in a far away state and needed an attorney would you find one? 

What would you do if you paid an attorney and he or she did not deliver good service? 

Imagine having a customer service line that would hold them accountable!

With a legal expense plan, you have access to attorneys in all 50 states and Canada. There is a state customer service line and a national one. 

A legal expense plan can help assuage legal fees. Get one now BEFORE you have a problem.

Watch this video for more information.

Every two seconds, an identity is stolen. Protect yourself and your family before it is too late.

Watch this video for more information.

Get your Legal Expense and ID Theft Plan Here.

Think this plan is great? Consider becoming a Legal Services Agent and marketing these plans. 

I will train you!  Learn more here!

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